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All alumni are listed by their Last Name in Alphabetical Order

All women are listed by their Maiden Name


Bailey-Alias, Margie S. marjoriealias@sbcglobal.net
Belveal, Charles E. "Chuck" cbelveal@garlic.com
Bria, Carmen J. briacnr@msn.com
Christensen-Zoller, Karen karenzoller@yahoo.com
Duren-Johnson, Barbara L. bjohns03@sbcglobal.net
Dutra, John A. sandydutra@comcast.net
Finfrock, Barbara A. appleo@webtv.net
Hewitt, George M. bdodgers@aol.com
Hotchkiss, Wayne M. hotchkiss@arvig.net
Jackson, Warren G. gjackson@fourstarnet.net
Jones-Ford, Patsy geraldford1937@msn.com
Marshall-Postolka, Jan coutou@aol.com
Maselli, Dominic dlmaselli@comcast.net
Melvin-Gregory, Sharon (Shari) gsharshar@aol.com
Nawrocki-Lowrey, Catherine catherine-jean@sbcglobal.net
Rice-Limbaugh, Marilyn MarilynL@mcn.org
Welton, Jim weltoneg@comcast.net
Westcott, Gary V. westcott@myway.com
Wilson, David P. sirryktucker@hotmail.com