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All alumni are listed by their Last Name in Alphabetical Order

All women are listed by their Maiden Name


Albright-Tibbs, Jeanne Jeanne_T@softcom.net
Cardenas-Miszkiel, Rosalie rmisz@aol.com
Chrisman-Spruce, Gail F. mespruce@yahoo.com
Crump-Wilbur, Michael L. mikessong250@hotmail.com
Daviar / Rodriguez, Dave ddaviar@pacbell.net
Fernandez-Vogenthaler, JoAnn sojo@cox.net
Goin, Joe D. joegoin@hotmail.com
Hestand, Thomas M. tom.hestand@marriott.com
Johnson-Vail, Dianne C. ladybug95425@earthlink.net
Kindlund, Robert H. r.h.kindlund@att.net
Klassen, John jklassen@wyoming.com
Long-Cox, Dorothy A. johncox1@mindspring.com
Martin, William E. bmartin@adamslabs.com
Matthews, Bud A. budamatthews@yahoo.com
O'Brien-Starr, Linda mustang65@pacbell.net
Regas-Exberger, Linda E. exberger@cisco.com
Scott, Steve skscott2010@hotmail.com
Silva-Marsh, Adrienne F. benznana@aol.com
Williamson, Jim jim@warwickgp.com