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All alumni are listed by their Last Name in Alphabetical Order

All women are listed by their Maiden Name


Amick, Robert G. bamicksjc@aol.com
Bejarano-Goodwin, Linda D. linagain2000@yahoo.com
Bustabade, Victor vjbusta@sbcglobal.net
Cardenas-Barney, Virginia M (Ginny) missginny@entercomp.com
Clare, Mitchell L. mitchell_clare@hotmail.com
Clark-Vanpoollen, Dee deevpoollen@aol.com
Deitchler-Godbout, Glenda H. eggsk111@netzero.net
Didier, Richard radidier@attbi.com
Escano, Jeanene martini-gal@earthlink.net
Fowler-Breen, Donna L. dlbreen0487@yahoo.com
Greer, Ronald J. rjgreer@aol.com
Hathaway, Steve J. steve@westernswing.com
Hestand-Blanton, Judith L. gr8grey@aol.com
Inesco, Roy msc4@cox.net
Isometsa-Goold, Jane chiligram@hotmail.com
McIntosh-Whittaker, Deborah debwhit@aol.com
Neri-Riley, Jean M. rottriley@yahoo.com
Paul-Allen, Janice jpallenwg@sbcglobal.net
Perez-Aten, Lynn M. lynna10@mac.com
Phillips-Chisholm, Shirley sinsashunal1@aol.com
Sims, Ronald F. sims906@compuserve.com
Smith-Loftin, Julia M. jloftin@valueclick.com
Tarrance-Cates, Lana C. C/O wags@gtdivide.net
Thornhill, Lauren J. larryt@gns2000.com