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All alumni are listed by their Last Name in Alphabetical Order

All women are listed by their Maiden Name


Aguilar, Theresa A. a1momi@aol.com
Bray, Randy L. randyincv@yahoo.com
Duran, Lawnie A. thebullandlion@msn.com
Goldsmith, Brian J. C/O tahoehoney@attbi.com
Goodman-Cuneo, Janice R. jrcuneo754@aol.com
Holmes-Algieri, Debbie debbie.algieri@sbcglobal.net
Hornbrook, Joe J. joehornbrook@hotmail.com
Howell, Thomas K. thowell@netflix.com
Jacoby-Repenning, Sharon M. sharon@netgate.net
Lyles, Jeff B. gldegl@yahoo.com
Macko-Winship, Marcia A. marceee54@aol.com
Martin-May, Karen E. kernmay@aol.com
Morse-Ash-Lupo, Amber J. amberash55@comcast.net
Newland, Terry terry.newland@lmco.com
Niswonger, Everett everettbn@comcast.net
Pettigrew, Glen E. glen@pettigrewfamily.com
Smith-Pacheco, Lynette borg1of3_2000@yahoo.com
Witham, Chadd J. withamcj@aol.com