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All alumni are listed by their Last Name in Alphabetical Order

All women are listed by their Maiden Name


Andrade-Florendo, Michelle michelle4shs@yahoo.com
Blakely-Depositar, Dianne dblakely@scu.edu
Brown, Phillip R. philsultra@aol.com
Castillo-Chavez, Ella M. emcchavez@prodigy.net
Cheatham, Dayton E. dayton.cheatham@novellus.com
Cepeda, Rich rcepeda6@austin.rr.com
Cook-Ray, Linda S. lrnftworth@sbcglobal.net
Eldredge, Dennis N. foghorn@sgi.com
Falzone-Reime, Joy L. joy.007joy@yahoo.com
Farm-Mabee, Sandra R. mabee5@sonic.net
Hill-Boudinot, Shirley Ann sboudinot@mail.com
Johnson, Matt mjjohnson@innercite.com
Kendall, Scott D. scott.kendall@decisionone.com
Kissinger, Lori booroojian@earthlink.net
Lamica, Charles W. charleslamica@aol.com
Lance-Adams, Cynthia cdmcfpp02@bellsouth.net
Manuel, Ivy Leticia Lilticia@aol.com
Mendiola-Gallagher, Leslie A. lgallag94085@hotmail.com
Rodriguez-Rosa, Abigail abby_rosa@msn.com
Santa Cruz, Aristotle M. ohcpt@hawaii.rr.com
Schaeffer-Feist, Katy feistk@yahoo.com
Silva, Johnny P. dsherman.1@netzero.net
Sorenson, Joe joe@joesorenson.org
Scheibley, Rick P. rick@drtgrading-paving.com
Yap, Owen N. owen@hyllp.com