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All alumni are listed by their Last Name in Alphabetical Order

All women are listed by their Maiden Name


Burgener, Lauri A. laurib@cableone.net
Cardoso, Tony tony@rossettasroofing.com
Converse-Gumbin, Carlotta E. gumbinc@verizon.net
Cook-Woods, Cindy K. woods0813@aol.com
Dickerson-Davies, Mauren bmodavies@yahoo.com
Figueiredo-Gomez, Cheryl cgomez541@charter.net
Fletcher, Curtis O. cofletcher@yahoo.com
Fuller, Jim S. jimn2o@yahoo.com
Garcia-Brown, Patricia I. stmp13@aol.com
Gutierrez-Elizalde, Anne E. anne@yahoo.com
Herbert, Charles G. opa4@earthlink.net
Kelly, Karen kkelly@masergy.com
Klassen, Karl kdk123@earthlink.net
Kozacek, William D. kozacek@sbcglobal.net
Lloyd, Clinton H. mrhyjinks@yahoo.com
Lopez-Newsted, Marianne J. marianneschocolate@yahoo.com
Navarro-Maillo, Brenda brenda_maillo@yahoo.com
O'Garey-McIntyre, Lillian K. blmcintyre@attbi.com
Perera, John M. jmperera@hotmail.com
Ravey-Mitchell, Janet L. ironbag@webtv.net
Saadus, Allan P. saadus@sbcglobal.net
Searcy, Randy sere_dude@yahoo.com
Serra, Aurelio R. biscardino@comcast.net
Sheibley, Bob J. scheibley4@msn.com
Summers-Ashby, Michael A. mashby2005@yahoo.com
Sween, Ray ray.sween@lackland.af.mil
Taylor-Tippit, Mary F. breezze925@sbcglobal.net
Vee, Lance lanceabbie-vee@attbi.com