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All alumni are listed by their Last Name in Alphabetical Order

All women are listed by their Maiden Name


Andrade-McPherson, Virginia vmhi2u@aol.com
Aragon, Alan D. AlanAragon812@aol.com
Branham-Besoyan, Jackie (Class of 1983) besoyan@comcast.net
Castillo, Joel (Class of 1982) joelp94@yahoo.com
Chalmers-Bishop, Ramona ramonabishop2005@yahoo.com
Courter, Kirk J. thecourters@msn.com
Fahrberger, Jr., Louis W. (Class of 1983) louis.fahrberger@alumni.usc.edu
Figueroa-Radcliff, Terri kelilynn62@aol.com
Grengo-Kramer, Christy ant_tweety@yahoo.com
Harper/Mathias-Densmore, Whitney whitney_please@yahoo.com
Haubrock, Alexander alexander.haubrock@htw-aalen.de
Hoffman, Christine D. bouncingtiggerrr@aol.com
Lanfranchi, Marcello (Marc) (Class of 1983) cellorelio@yahoo.com
Langenhahn, Kurt A. kalifornia91604@aol.com
Luiz, George F. gluiz@pacbell.net
Nieto-Beardslee, Angela L. albeardslee@hotmail.com
Norman-Guettler, Ann A. agss555@aol.com
Petree-Long, Echo (Class of 1982) elong_9@yahoo.com
Portier, Vittorio R. vittorio_portier@sbcglobal.net
Searcy, Robin D. mrshombre@hotmail.com
Smith-Parsley, Jamey K. jkparsley@adelphia.com
Stamper-Sadigh, Sarah A. (Class of 1983) momofar@sbcglobal.net