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Memory Lane

At your reunion, make a walkway through the center of the facility that leads directly up to the stage. Plaster the walkway with home made street signs that say Memory Lane. Then, each classmate should walk down Memory Lane to the stage where they are introduced to everyone by the MC. This works well in making each classmate feel like they were really part of the reunion.


Name Tags

Photo copy every ones graduation picture from your year book and then cut out the photo copied pictures. Then get some large Avery Labels and put them in your computers printer and print out one label for each person with their name located to the right of the label. Then glue their cut out graduation pictures on the left side of the label. When they show up at the reunion, STICK IT TO THEM ! These labels will hang in there all night.


Then and Now

Set up a 35mm Camera on a tripod with a white sheet or white wall backdrop right next to the sign in table. After each classmate has signed in, take their picture (face) similar to the way it was done in your yearbook. Then, when you make your Reunion Book that you sell to the classmates, you can have their Then (graduation) and Now pictures in the book. For those classes who have web sites, you can post these Then and Now pictures there too.


Gifts and Memorabilia

Get some custom made coffee cups or shot glasses made with Jetro on one side and your reunion year and class year on the other side. You can get these made for about $2.50 each. Give one as a gift to each classmate as they sign in. If they want more, they can buy them for $5.00 each or $25.00 for a set of six. The GIFT makes each classmate feel like they received something nice to remember the reunion. Most classmates will buy more and when they do, I'm sure your class can use the extra money for some other great projects later on.



Have some really nice Programs For The Evening printed up which show the events and times for same. The programs should be nicely done so classmates can save them for keepsakes. Each classmate should get one when they sign in and put some at each table.


Reunion Theme

Pick a theme for your reunion and encourage everyone to dress up according to the theme. Offer prizes for the best dressed according to the theme. Theme's can range from 50's sock hops with poodle skirts and all to a 60's hippie theme to the 70's Saturday Night Fever. Use your imagination but make it fairly easy to dress to. Most of all, MAKE IT FUN !  A Hawaii Theme works well too !


Bar / Pizza Nights

Have a Bar or Pizza Party night the evening before your formal reunion night just to get things started and to get people enthused. Make it very informal so people feel relaxed. This is also a very good idea to have these informal parties at various times in between reunions. Why wait 5 years to have a fun time with each other. Encourage your classmates to attend the 3 major Alumni Association events each year which are listed on the Upcoming Events page. All of these idea's will help to make your reunions better and to help keep your class together.


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