The Sunnyvale High Alumni Association (SHSAA) Scholarship Program has been established to stimulate interest in, and financially assist the furthering of higher education for Sunnyvale High School alumni and their immediate family's.

Up to $500.00 is available this year and as many as two scholarships may be awarded. This does not imply or constitute any obligation by the SHSAA to award any scholarships under this program. Scholarships are dependent upon available funds at the time of award.

Scholarships may be applied for by completing and submitting an application for same and by satisfying the eligibility requirements as established by the SHSAA.

To apply, simply click on the "Print Your Form Page" button below and follow the instructions.


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If you or your business would like to contribute to our Scholarship Fund by sending a check, please make your check payable to the Sunnyvale High School Alumni Association and mail it to the following address:


Sunnyvale High School Alumni Association

P.O. Box 62481
Sunnyvale, Ca. 94088-2481




  1. Applicant must be a Sunnyvale High School alumni, or be directly related to a Sunnyvale High School alumni (such as an alumni's children, step children and grandchildren). The alumni MUST be a dues paying member of the Sunnyvale High School Alumni Association.

  2. Must be enrolled as a full time student. (Minimum of 12 units)

  3. Be an incoming freshman:

    1. All high school seniors or others who plan to enter college or vocational school.

    2. Graduation from high school with at least a 2.0 (C) grade point average.

  1. Continuing Students:

    1. Completion of one year of college with at least a 2.0 (C) grade point average as defined by an accredited college or vocational school.

    2. Past SHSAA Scholarship recipients may reapply if all other eligibility requirements are met.



  1. Application must be received on or before June 30th of each year and an official transcript / secondary school report must be provided.

  2. Click on the "Print Your Form Page" button below. Print the application, complete and mail the application (with your official transcript / secondary school report) to:

  3. SHSAA Scholarship Program Committee
    P.O. Box 62481
    Sunnyvale, Ca. 94088-2481
    Print Your Form Page

  4. An incomplete application will be rejected.

  5. Optional: A letter of recommendation from one or more of your teachers.



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