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A:  If you are NOT already a member and  you want to JOIN the Sunnyvale High School Alumni Association and become a member, then please visit our JOIN THE ASSOCIATION page and complete the form that is on that page. Do NOT fill out the form on THIS page.

B:  If you ARE already a member and need to update your information, then please complete the form below.

C:  If you are NOT a member of the Sunnyvale High School Alumni Association and you DO NOT wish to join, but want to let us and your Class Committee know how to contact you, then please complete the form below.

Note:  Your information is Confidential to the Alumni Association and your Class Committee only. We DO NOT give this information to any individuals or firms who are seeking to locate you.

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When you either JOIN or UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION at this web site, you have the option to keep your e-mail address confidential and not posted, or, you can have it posted if you wish. We encourage you to either JOIN the Association or at least update your information. When you join or update, we will keep you posted of any Association or Class Upcoming Events that may NOT be scheduled and posted on this web site. Let us keep you informed by either JOINING or UPDATING YOUR INFORMATION.



To update by way of U.S. Mail Service, click on the button below. It will take you to a form page where you can complete the form and then print the entire page. Then mail us the completed Registration Form.

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Sunnyvale High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 62481
Sunnyvale, Ca. 94088-2481


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information for your database.
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